According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), parents or legal guardians must prove the minor child will have the care and support they need during their stay in Canada. Minor children under the age of majority (19 years old in BC) must either:

  • Come with their parent/legal guardian or
  • Have a custodian in Canada.


A custodian is a responsible adult (≥ 19 years old) who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident that will take care of and support the minor child.


At Maple Hill School, custodianship service is available for students whose stay in Canada is not accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. We designate the appropriate school staff as the student’s guardian during his/her stay in Canada.

Procedure for Custodianship Application:

  1. Students submits his/her completed application form and $200 one-time application fee (non-refundable)
  2. The school arranges a designated custodian for the student and assists in acquiring a notarized Custodian Declaration form. The document has two pages that look similar, but:
  • Page 1 (taken care of by Maple Hill School):
    • Needs to be signed by the custodian (must be ≥ 19 years old, and a permanent resident or Canadian citizen) and notarized (certified by a lawyer or notary) in Canada
  • Page 2 (to be provided by parents/legal guardians):
    • To be signed by the parents/legal guardians of the child and notarized (certified by a lawyer or notary) in the country where they located.
  1. The student will be invoiced for the custodianship service fee ($200/month) which is payable by semester or school year.

For more information regarding minor studying in Canada please refer to: