A. Application Documents Required:

  1. Payment of CAD$200 in application fee (non-refundable).
  2. Complete the application form. If the student is under 19 years old, a signature from the parent/guardian is mandatory.
  3. Copies of the student’s IDs. International students must provide copies of their passport photo page.
  4. Transcripts/Report cards for the past 2-3 years. Only original or notarized copies are accepted.
  5. Confirmation of Enrolment from the school the student is currently studying at.
  6. Front and back copies of their MSP (Medical Services Plan) card or proof of private medical insurance coverage.
  7. Students under the age of 19 must also provide a notarized copy of Custodian Declaration Form (IMM 5646).
  8. Photo of the student, in the same size and specifications for passports.

B.Application and Admission Procedure:

Step 1: Complete and submit all mandatory application documents listed above.

Step 2: Interview (can also be conducted online) and written exam to help school counsellors get a better understanding of the student’s academic level and determine the ideal study plan for the student.

Step 3: The school will provide a conditional Letter of Acceptance and invoice to students that pass both the interview and written exam in step 2.

Step 4: The school will provide the official Letter of Acceptance and receipt once payment is received in full. International students may then use these documents to apply for study permits.

Step 5: Report to the school when classes start.

Please contact our recruiters or our administrative staff for more information regarding study permits, custodians, and medical insurance.

  1. Study Permits: Students should to submit their study permit application as early as possible at the Canadian embassy or consulate of their country. While application requirements and procedures can vary from country to country, they will need a Letter of Acceptance and tuition receipt issued by Maple Hill School as part of their application submission. Once students get approved for studying in Canada, they will receive a permission letter from IRCC. This letter must then be presented to the IRCC Port Office upon their first entry into Canada. The letter will be replaced by a study permit which will be attached to the student’s passport for future re-entries.

Once students are admitted, individual student files containing all application documents include their study permits are created by the school’s administrative office. The office will send study permit renewal reminders when the documents are close to expiry, and provide assistance if needed.

  1. Custodian: All international students under the age of 19 is required by the Canadian government to have an appointed custodian who is either a permanent resident (PR) or Canadian citizen. Those needing custodian service may indicate the need and request the school for arrangements.
  2. Medical Insurance: All international students with a valid study permit must apply for BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage upon their first arrival to BC. They need to complete a 3-month wait period before the coverage can begin and hold the billing responsibility of remitting CAD$75.00/month to the government (RSBC). During the three-month wait period, Maple Hill School can purchase private medical insurance on behalf of the student for CAD $130.50 (CAD$1.45/day x 90 days).