Jennifer, Parent of Eric H.

Graduation Year: 2019
University Currently Attended by Child: University of Toronto
Program: Math

I am a parent of a Maple Hill School graduate student. In the most important time of my son’s secondary study, I was honoured that my son received great care from Maple Hill School teachers and staff members. Therefore, he is able to enter his dream school, the University of Toronto.

I really appreciate that to Maple HillSchool. I still remember three years ago, my son transferred from a public school to Maple Hill School, I was worried. I worry about my son’s beha、qualification of education provided by a private school.

However, things started to change after he transferred. My son became much more confident in studying, and his academic and behaviour improved significantly. This is because the teachers and staff members are able to understand his characteristic and encourage him. My son grew up with your support. It is at ease to have my kid study in your school.

Your teachers and staff members are excellent, responsible and pay attention to details. I would like to appreciate to Maple Hill School again, thanks to Gloria, Ken and all the other teachers. Eric is having a bright future based on your hard work. As a parent, I think it is a wise choice to let your child study in Maple Hill School. It is a fortunate for both the student and the parent to meet such a great school and teachers in the progress of a student’s growing.